Thursday, 3 October 2013

2017 Zetland

Zetland, is the last suburb in our alphabet of Sydney (that said, it continues to be a project in no particular order); it is also the first suburb that Maxine and I have photographed this year! Lunch was planned at the Grounds of Alexandria and with Zetland conveniently placed as the neighbouring suburb it was lovely to be zipping through its 39 streets on a sunny day. In this place, which at one time was thought to be the smallest suburb in Australia, we found the dintinct style of the old and across the road the brand spanking new! We were lucky to fall into conversation with a local resident who grew up in Zetland. She told us of the changes she's observed in the small suburb to which she has recently returned to look after her father. The Victoria Park area has seen the bulk of this change. From swamp - to race course - to car manufacturing plant - to naval stores depot - to the purpose-built modern towers of gentrification. This part of Zetland is quietly going about it's way with families and young professionals Planning to create a new and vibrant culture.

The Zetland Hotel @ Green Square
On Elizabeth Street
Zetland... Under Construction
A Reflection of Nature
Car Industry-  Old and New

Coco and...
Local Resident
Zetland is the archaic spelling of Shetland and was named after the Earl of Zetland.  It has changed from swampy marshes that sit in the land of the Eora people to soaring architectural structures that dominate the skyline. And here upon a wall, in a quiet unassuming spot, is this curious young woman who keeps sole watch as this place takes on a whole new lease of life.