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I was born in London at the tail end of the ‘swinging’ era and tumbled through a childhood of happy times in the 1970’s; this was also when I was given a magical birthday gift from my parents of a new Kodak Instamatic camera with magicube! That was it, the moment when I got the bug! The Ektra 12 and then various other models followed in my photographic timeline and it seemed I was the girl who always had a camera out to capture our silly school and college days, not to mention many a fashion faux pas of the 80’s.

1990 arrived and so did I… right on the Edwardian doorstep of an inner London school; and so began my life long career as a teacher. A year later, I was teaching at my old primary school but this signaled the end of an era. My career was soon to take a different direction when love took me on a new journey.

In the mid 90’s, Sydney’s sunny blue skies and the man that I was to marry beckoned; so suitcase in hand and first SLR camera around my neck I arrived on Australian shores. Sydney smiled upon me and shared my most important memories. I married my gorgeous husband here, brought my two beautiful girls into the world, built a home in the suburbs and forged incredible friendships. 

One special friend also has ‘the bug’ and we have shared our joy of photography for the past seventeen years. Through the lens of a camera our friendship continues as we go on courses, set ourselves little projects and encourage each other’s creativity… always stopping for tea and cake along the way of course!

I have loved being able to capture moments and memories on film and now that we're well into the digital age (into which I was dragged kicking and screaming) I play with images in the 'digital darkroom' and explore a myriad of possibilities. Photography is a hobby, a release from the everyday routine and an artistic outlet. I'm lucky to be surrounded by family and friends who get as much pleasure from my photographs as I do; and, as long as I have a camera in my hand I will continue to explore, interpret, capture and reveal my history and the world as I see it spin.

29th May 2012

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