Saturday, 7 January 2017

2042 Newtown

I've shopped in Newtown, been entertained in Newtown, eaten in Newtown and have been inspired by a street photography course, where I spent a day capturing images of the people in Newtown. What better place then, to begin another 'New Year' of my photo journey than in the vibrant, eclectic and diverse mix of this suburb. 

My hope is that 2017 might be the year when Max and I start to get back into our photography groove and spend more time exploring the wonderful place that is our city!

Did you know that the Enmore Theatre is not in Enmore at all, it's in Newtown! It's a place I've enjoyed going to many times over the years and I recently saw TLC perform here. I will be back again in March to see the Specials - such a great live music venue!

... And when I'm in the mood for a film that's a little less mainstream, the Dendy is my cinema of choice. It's an independent cinema where a range of arthouse films is shown - always a pleasant diversion.

Blind date with a book.
Interesting fact: 1869 - Newtown library was the first free public library in NSW

Dining Out 

Time with friends
Hipster Style - the symbolic meaning of the beard trend 
       (an opinion of course)
Head Over Heels

Aboriginal communities have been significant inhabitants of Newtown since the first Cadigal (Gadigal) peoples walked this land.  The Newtown Project  provides an interesting overview of Aboriginal presence in the Newtown area.


... and kitsch

Front of House  
When Ronald is still in the Christmas spirt and Santa has just had enough! (Well he was rather busy)

Rustic Charm
Community Support

The residents of Newtown have been historically known for their activism - fighting for the rights of workers, Aboriginal people and women. Alongside these struggles, the rights of LGBTI people have been championed since the 1970s and much success has been achieved. However, in our current political climate there has been a shift in the way our LGBTI friends and family are being made to feel and this became clear as I walked around the suburb. A number of 'safe space' rainbow stickers were visible on various store fronts to indicate that these were welcoming and safe places for members of the LGBTI community. My first thought was fabulous! Here are businesses that reach out to everyone. But then I thought about what these safe spaces really signify. What do these signs and stickers say about our society? 

As the campaign for marriage equality looms large in Australia my hope is that sanity will prevail and voices will be heard. Equality is the key word here - because why would anyone think that someone else deserves less?