Photo Finish

This show started on the ABC last week on Thursday evening and is getting some pretty good feedback in the land of social media. My interest? Well photography of course, but also a small matter of episode 5 in which I am one of the 'contestants'!

17th June 2012

Link with ABC Photo Finish here

PHOTO FINISH is a unique series where amateur photographers compete head-to-head in themed photographic challenges.
Hosted by Andrew Günsberg, three photographers are given the same camera and are set the same time-based assignment to compete in a particular photographic genre.
Whether it’s portraiture, fashion, street, landscape, plastic film cameras, photojournalism or wedding photography, each assignment is designed to test the photographer’s skills and creativity.
There are tears and triumphs as the amateurs try to master unfamiliar cameras and surprise assignments to shoot the winning photo.
Each episode follows the photographers as they plan and execute their assignment, working through challenges such as location and communicating with their subject.
A prison officer, a marriage celebrant and a stay at home mum are amongst the twenty four amateur photographers who compete in the series.
Andrew Günsberg (Australian Idol, The Con Test), a keen photographer who has exhibited his work, brings his love and enthusiasm for photography to the series.
He is joined every week by Anne Loxley, a curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art and acclaimed expert judges who will be on hand to decide the weekly winner from the single photograph the photographers have selected themselves for that week’s assignment.

Photos from the show...


  1. have really enjoyed watching the program - can't wait until next week's episode!

  2. oh WOW!! I can't wait to see you!!! love this show x

    1. Thanks Sarah! I'm as nervous as anything.;and as I keep reminding everyone, please remember the word... amateur! lol

  3. We were away when you were on- but have recorded it & now watched it. I think you did an amazing job, I think your picture was beautiful!

    1. Thanks Leanne... it was a wonderful experience! :)