Saturday, 27 August 2011

New Project, First Blog!

So here I am blogging. No idea what I'm doing but I'll do it anyway!

Today Maxine and I embarked upon our newest photography project. Inspired by Louise Hawson's photoblog-book-exhibition titled '52 Suburbs', we have decided to chronicle our beautiful city of Sydney in pictures. How this will develop is anyone's guess. Hey, we went out there today and aimlessly pointed our cameras not knowing what we were looking for at first! But soon ideas started forming and our thoughts took shape. Although my project will be '26 - An A to Z of Sydney's Suburbs', it will be an A to Z in no particular order and more than likely have more than 26 suburbs. Well, as Max and I keep reminding ourselves, it's ours to do with what we will... there are no rules!


  1. Looking forward to this have my full support as always!


  2. Hey Arpana, most of your previous photos (at least the ones I have seen)are amazing closeup shots, so I'm really interested to see how you capture Sydney's suburbs.
    Good Luck!

  3. A great start, I look forward to following your blog.

  4. @ M, I'm looking forward to this project too :)
    @ Pete,I think it will be a challenge to capture the essence of a suburb after all the close up photography I've done. Hopefully the street photography course I did will be of some use.
    @ Maxxx ditto!

  5. As always - an inspiration! Looking forward to seeing some beautiful shots

  6. I am so looking forward to seeing Sydney thru your eyes. Such fun!

  7. Hi Arpana. What a beautiful blog! Really makes me want to get on the move and do some exploring. I look forward to reading your next blog. Thanks, Luke (Annie's boy, 31 now - gosh I hear you say)

  8. Luke, thank you!
    Hope you do get the chance to go exploring, either here or there! Would love to see the photos too :) Nice to hear from Annie's boy (and yes that was gosh you heard me say) hehe!