Sunday, 16 October 2011

2110 Hunters Hill

Max and I had organised to meet a friend for lunch and being the photgraphic opportunists that we are we thought we'd fit in a suburb beforehand. It had to be somewhere in the proximity of 'lunch' and I fancied photographing somewhere by the water. A search of nearby suburbs in the street directory led us both to the peninsular of Hunters Hill. Well, what a surprise! A stones throw away from the city, who would have thought that we'd find this beautiful, secluded, waterside 'country village'. Pretty sandstone cottages standing side by side along leafy streets and comfortably nestled amongst colourful spring gardens with the most spectacular views. The place was oozing tranquility, nostalgia and charm!

The Garibaldi Hotel opened in 1861 and this is also the year that the municipality of Hunters Hill was established. A special sesquicentary celebration!

The Garibaldi Hotel's Goddess of Wine. This is a replica statue in place of the original which was stolen in 1973; and Adele who took time out of her day to talk to us about the history of the hotel which is now a collection of small shops, one of which is hers.
Antique and Shabby Chic

Room With a View

Marine Life

Holiday Playground

Hillman Orchard

Scrumping Scalliwags!

Scrumping is a colloquial English term for stealing apples and sometimes other fruit from other people's trees, gardens or orchards. (This explanation is for those not from Blighty. In Australia apparently it's just called... stealing fruit from other people's trees, gardens or orchards lol). These three scalliwags were oblivious to me documenting their looting of mulberries until after they had got all they wanted and were counting their booty. They stopped when they saw me with my camera pointed at them and I stopped clicking away as soon as they saw me... we were all caught out!
Something interesting perhaps, for those of you in the cider drinking business! Scrumpy, from which the verb scrump is derived, is a rough cider from the south west counties of England that is made from apples. It was often given to 'wurzels' in lieu of payment by landowners in an attempt to keep the workers compliant. What's a wurzel I hear you ask? Think Worzel Gummidge and his good friend Aunt Sally and you're halfway there! A country bumpkin, a straw chewing yokel wearing a smock and weilding a pitchfork! (Gotta love those stereotypes) Wurzel is from mangel wurzel a German word for a type of beet. From mulberries to apples to beetroot - I love the connections of language, time and place!


  1. Well hello Hunters Hill. I feel like I have befriended each suburb and need to do each of them justice in my representation. As always my friend, you have successfully done that here. Great work, I love the scrumping scalliwags and the wide shot of the hotel, the boys on the whalf and the repeated but ever so different boat cleaner guy. VERY ENJOYABLE. Where I wonder will we go next, that is after the 30th venue. I will link you into my blog when I get around to posting my Hunters Hill.
    Love Max

  2. Hunters Hill is a lovely suburb & you've captured it beautifully. I love all your seagulls & boat shots, I really like the shot of the oars. Nicely done.

  3. Never been to HH but now I want. Love the scrumping and scrubbing series


  4. You just keep getting better and better at this...I love the scrumpy story, so many memories!

    M xxx