Saturday, 19 May 2012

2204 Marrickville

So what takes a person to Marrickville? For me the only reason I have ever been there is for Yeeros... Victoria Yeeros to be more specific, which has a reputation for being the best to be found in Sydney. It's a suburb that I've passed many times on the way to and from the airport but not really stopped to have a look around. Today I saw glimpses of a growing vibrant, artistic community in Sydney's inner west that has developed within a fusion of multicultural harmony. Marrickville is synonymous with migration and this is a good enough reason for those of us who call this city our home to pay a visit to this place... if only to experience, 'heaven on a stick'!

Growing up under the flight path of Heathrow Airport I barely noticed the sound of planes over Marrickville, so I was bemused as Max noticed almost each one and then proceeded to entertain me with her attempts at trying to photograph them... I think she got a wing-tip somewhere!

Store Front Models
 Ces Camilleri's 'Marrickville Streetscape Sculptures' create a unique look to this suburb.
In his customised and motorised wheelchair, this gentleman was surprised to be asked and then chuffed about having his photo taken. Two seconds later he zoomed off, flags breezing behind him he in a blaze of Greek and Aussie pride!

Out and About With Friends 
Civic Duty
The SES (State Emergency service) comprises a group of 10 000 volunteers who are called upon in times of flood and/or storm crisis and willingly give up their time and energy to assist members of the community. What could be a more Aussie way of fundraising than a good old 'sausage sizzle'. I was happy to donate a few dollars to help the cause, just wish I didn't get tomato sauce all over my jacket!

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down
Inside sources have told us that this may well be the last that we see of this wall that once surrounded Vicars, manufacturers of woollen goods. I might optimistically think that as old history is torn down, new history is made. But I feel there's something to be said for what once was; and wonder how it might serve us better if it was to be incorporated into the future.

A guitar lesson and a quick tightrope practice in the park. It's not often you walk by and catch the sight of two legs walking out of a tree! But only to be expected in the suburb that is home to Aerialize, Sydney Aerial Theatre.

Tea and cake is always a must on these photographic excursions. Today's delights? A slice of coconut and lime bread, banana bread and tea for two... a delicious way to spend our loose change... or is that petty cash!

Leaving your Mark

All around Marrickville, people have left their mark. From animated sculpture to cafe art to pavement mosaics and large wall graffiti; the look of a vibrant community is painted all around. Just as my shadow fleetingly leaves a mark on this rusty, corrugated back alley fence,  so Marrickville leaves its mark on me.


  1. It is a rainy afternoon here and I am stuck inside - so I particularly enjoyed strolling around Marrickville with you. Once again you have really captured the essence of the suburb - where are we going next??

  2. What great work. Fantastic set, love the lot. Well done max