Wednesday, 11 July 2012

snap it {yesterday}

After a recent setback and loss of confidence, yesterday, I came to a decision about my photography. For a few months now I have been coasting along with a comfortable collection of 'samey' images that are safe. So, in an attempt to take things to a different level I booked myself onto a lighting course to learn some new tricks; but also in the hope of being inspired and challenged!

Yesterday... Moving into the Light!


  1. Are you 'trending' the 'flare' my friend???
    Love this, the scratches on the table are beautiful. The morning glow is so rich on your breakfast. Nice one

  2. I am if the flare is 'trending'! If it's not trending then I'm just 'exploring, experimenting, trying... doing'! ;)

  3. Yay for you!!
    I keep promising to do a course to learn how to use my camera properly...I'll get there one day

    1. It's been a while since I've done one but I find, in general, they give me a burst of energy and new ideas :)

  4. I love the shadows in this shot! And yum too!!!

  5. Lovely light!! I loved seeing you on 'Photo finish' What an amazing opportunity. You truly take amazing photographs x

  6. Snap it good! Looks like the back door at the farm house has opened up onto a beautiful breakfast - I am in that scene - would be an amazing photo for a creative writing story.