Wednesday, 26 September 2012

snap it {three}

This week, on a three day trip to the beautiful Hunter Valley, I saw lots of 'three'! 

Link to snap it {three} at Faith Hope & a whole lotta Love

Vine leaves segmented into three sections...
a triplet of barrels...
 a trio of brilliant red poppies...
 three seats along a shady sandstone wall on an 1830's verandah...
and finally three o'clock was just chiming on the Dalwood House sundial... just in time!


  1. How lovely to have 3 days in the Hunter Valley- looks like the weather was beautiful. ALl lovely shots, I particularly like the poppies & the bench seats.

  2. Lovely shots! Would love to go to the hunter valley!

  3. stunning shots - love the poppies and the old benches!

  4. Oh wow, your shots have spread far & wide, gorgeous work, what a great topic, the variety of 3s has been awesome, love Posie

  5. Hi Arpi - Your photographs are amazing. I love the three seats - great depth of field composition. I'll visit often now I know you're here. Thanks for your kind comment on my blog!

  6. Great photos, I love the composition. Thanks so much for visiting.

  7. I love your little collection of 'threes!'

  8. Beautiful photos.

    Thank you for your visit.