Friday, 2 October 2015

2107 Avalon

Avalon, a beachside suburb in Guringai country, is the place where a revitalised pair decided to re-engage with a 'suburbs' photography project that had been abandoned for two years! Max and I could not have chosen a more glorious day or a more beautiful location to spend our time, other than the place named after the legendary 'earthly paradise'!

Keeping cool at the Rock Pool
A shimmering line of bluebottles in the sand indicates Sydney is starting to warm up for the summer.
After what seems to have been an extra long winter all I can say is… at last! 

Community service - ensuring the safety of beach goers and encouraging swimming between the flags.

School holidays!

                                                      Rocky                                                          Rustic                                                          Rusty                                            
Lunch is such an easy tradition to enjoy with such lovely company and in such delightful surrounds.

In a haze and splash of summery blues, Avalon treated us to the perfect day out and the perfect way back in to our project.
Where to next Max?


  1. Glad you took up the project again - love the photos- so much blue - beautiful!

  2. I love the rocky rustic and rusty set, the blues are so blue and beautiful, Great work xx

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