Tuesday, 21 August 2012


The idea of repetition has always been appealing. In this collection of photos I have tried to show a range of ways in which repetition can be explored.

Link to Kat Eye Studio

Light in the Round  
Lots of spheres and circular shapes including the stools, glasses and bald pate!

I still chuckle when I see the spherical tummy of this man leaning on the giant metal ball

These two photos are of some of Uncle Harry's 'inventions' in which repetition also takes on the form of 're-using' as he lets nothing go to waste. He always finds a way to create something from that, which most of us would throw away.


... Cage!


Red. Line. Shirts.

Horse Before the Cart!

Zebra Crossing... or Not!

Colour Collections 

Assortments of the Same Object

The last photo is my most recent, taken this month at Ballast Point Park, Sydney. These rusty old drums couldn't help but make a repetitive impression!


  1. Great photos Arpi, some lovely repetition. Love Uncle Harry's inventions- very resourceful & they make beautiful photographs. I really like the zebras, the colour collections & those rusty drums.

  2. These are all fantastic images of repetition! You did a great job of finding examples of all different types of repetition - color, shape, lines, objects. I'm hard pressed to pick a favorite. Thank you so much for sharing this in Exploring with a Camera. It is wonderful to have your participation!

  3. Amazing repetition set! I've looked through them twice! You have such talent at capturing a variety of subjects! I'm with Kat, it's hard to pick a favorite, although I love the shot with all the cages, so interesting and intriguing!!

  4. Beautiful photos! I'm especially drawn to the garden ones, the birds and the cages.

  5. Fabulous set! Those cages are amazing and I love the seagulls all lined up - beautiful light. Beautifully done.

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