Wednesday, 22 August 2012

snap it {straight lines}

A glorious sunny Sunday led to a walk in the park and the opportunity to snap!

Link to snap it {straight lines} at Faith, Hope & a whole lotta Love

Bending a Straight Line
The straight lines of the rungs were different lengths thus creating a curved line... and yes, I did climb the ladder!

The posts on the wooden bridge are starting to look a bit tired and have completely fallen apart in places. This was a section of it not cordoned off with orange plastic webbing.


  1. This is wonderful. Beautiful images too! Yep, great minds think alike ;)

  2. love the first pic!!! It is like a ladder to heaven.

  3. love the first shot too, beautiful smooth lines against the blue sky.

  4. You take a great picture, Arpie! x

  5. Oh that top image is amazing, love Posie
    PS trying to follow you, won't let me, shall pop back later!!